Classic sartorial details are given a modern twist with a Five button Shirt detail.  The tunic style silhouette features simple collar and collarless options in refined cotton and linen blended fabrics.

Classic colour options, contemporary checks and plains that make for the perfect resort staple or a holiday trip.  The Mongiardino collection offers a relaxed, yet elegant direction.  These shirts feel accessible, luxurious and smart, offering a much more understated take on the international traveller spirit.


Miguel Mongiardino couldn’t be any more international.  With family origins in Italy, a Portuguese native now living in London, Miguel has travelled the world and back.  In November 2016, Miguel launched ‘Mongiardino’ having experienced the versatility of Eastern shirts in South East Asia, and understanding the need for a quality product.

Most travellers want to travel light, but in South East Asia, where the weather conditions change abruptly and often wildly from place to place, month to month, knowing what to pack is a continued challenge.

Wherever you go in this part of the world, you can be sure the locals have spent centuries refining their clothing so that they remain warm or cool, whatever happens overhead.  In these parts of Asia, the kurta rules.

Loose enough to be supremely comfortable in the heat, thick enough to be warm when the sun goes down, smart enough to be worn anywhere, the kurta is a traditional collarless tunic.

 (Inspired from the Kurta Design)

    So with the help of a local tailor, Miguel adopted and adapted elements of the kurta design (picture above) to his own specifications.  Having tested the results for himself on his continued travels, he brought his design back home to Portugal, a country renowned for producing luxury shirts using the finest cotton chosen carefully. Click here to know how to Spot a good quality shirt